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Can SELLA be used for private schools and homeschooled children?

Absolutely. The beauty of the SELLA curriculum is that it is adaptable to each learning environment and teacher style.

What standards are covered in SELLA?

100% of the Common Core writing standards are covered. Many other Common Core ELA standards and this curriculum is aligned with CASEL SEL Competencies.

What do I need to purchase to utilize SELLA in my classroom?

To utilize the curriculum you need to have access to the online curriculum and the student needs a journal. The posters were designed to give visual support to some of the content and the connect notes as a direct line of communication between teachers and students. The teacher journal not only provides space for the teacher to take notes about the journal assignments, but also offers an opportunity for the teacher to do their own self reflection.

What support is available to me if I have questions?

When you purchase the SELLA curriculum you will have access to a training that will prepare you to use the curriculum and support materials. If you have questions or need more support please fill out the contact form and our SELLA content experts will reach out!

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